Area information

Area information

Looking for information about Polk County? Whether you need Polk County facts, census data or are just looking for an area place to worship, find it here.

Area schools
Information on the Polk County school system

County history
A look at the origins of Polk County and how it came into being

Living in Polk County
Useful information for living and working in the Polk County area

Morris, the Tryon horse
A staple of downtown Tryon for many years, Morris faithfully greets visitors as they arrive

Phone numbers of use
Emergency and other handy numbers to have and know

Points of interest
Things to do and see in and around Polk County

Polk County census / economic data
A treasure trove of numbers about Polk County

Polk County places of worship
A list of places offering worship services in the Polk County area

The Thermal Belt
It helps make Polk County the beautfiul place to live year-round that it is. Learn more about The Thermal Belt.

The Polk County Chamber of Commerce seeks to provide leadership in developing business and economic opportunities that enhances the quality of life in our community.
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Magazine touts “cool” BBQ Festival
Need an electrician? A place to stay? Information on an organization? Find it in, the one-stop resource to businesses and groups in the Thermal Belt area. Chamber members, contact the Chamber today to get your free one-page listing in

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